Re: Error in Ropes???

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Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 12:49:05 EST wrote:
> My facsimile of Bezae clearly has QS (abbreviation for QEOS),
> but that doesn't mean that the original might not show erasure marks. The
> reason for mentioning this possibility is that although the N in the
> abbreviation is identical to the other instances of N in the ms., the Q is
> slightly different from most of the other thetas in the immediate context.
> Also, a slight line is just before the Q, which could be bleed over from the
> latin on the other side or perhaps has been noted as an earlier reading in the
> ms. In summary, based on my own reading of D, I would go with QS, but a look
> at the original ms. might change my opinion due to the possibility of an
> erasure. But that erasure is not certain at all in the facsimile.

Thank you Bill.

You wrote:

>Although this question probably belongs more on the TC list, I'll give a brief
>answer here.

My understanding from discussions with Edward is that TC questions are
permitted on B-greek.

One further question about your response. I assume that your facsimile reads
QN not QS for the nomina sacra. There seems to be a slight ambiguity about
this in your post as quoted above.


The Latin side reads the nomina sacra DM.

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