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Rolf Furuli wrote:

> The Hebrew word in Gen 1:1 which is translated by "created" is BARA, and
> evidently, around the turn of our era (BCE/CE) the noun BRIYA became
> popular as a term donoting creation or anything created. The use of the
> word in these senses ("created being/thing" being the core meaning)
> continued beyond Mishnaic times. When I last time studied that Mishna
> tractate Abot in Hebrew/Aramaic, I had some time before made a study of
> KTISIS, and each time I found BRIYA, I could almost hear the voice of the
> author of Colossians. One example is Avot 1:13: "Hillel and Shammai
> (contemporanous with Jesus) received from them. Hillel said: Be of the
> disciples of Aharon; loving peace, and pursuing peace, loving mankind
> (BRIYA) and bringing them near to the Tora." Note 28, page 21 in "Sayings
> of the Jewish Fathers". 1969, G.D. Cohen, says: "Lit. TAS KTISEIS. Cf Mark
> xvi,15 and (?) Rom viii,19" The use of BRIYA in Avot 1:13 nicely parallels
> the use in Colossians 1:23.
> KTISIS Is not found in the LXX except 15 times in apochryphal books, and
> this suggests a correspondence with the Hebrew BRIYA (examples following).
> Judith 9:12 Please, please, God of my father, God of the heritage of
> Israel, Master of heaven and earth, Creator of the waters, King of your
> whole creation ( PASHS KTISEWS) , hear my prayer.


I'm wondering about Deut 32:6 the LXX say, "OUK AUTOS OUTOS SOU PATHR EKTHSATO SE KAI
EPOIHSEN SE KAI EKTISEN SE" the RSV translates as "Is he not your father, who created
you, who made you and established you?" is EKTISEN a different word in the Hebrew
from EKTHSATO? The RSV seems to make a distinction. Is this another one of those

Thanks in advance,

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