Tenses in Mark 11:24

From: Greg Kilbrai (gkilbrai@dlcwest.com)
Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 20:49:35 EST

I'm just a little greeker - only my third semester. I hope this question
isn't too basic, but I guess this is how we all learn so here goes...

I'm having trouble understanding the reason for the aorist tense of
ELABETE in Jesus' words in Mark 11:24:

PROSEUCHESQE ...present [all things] you pray for
AITESQE... present [and] you ask for

PISTEUETE... present you believe
ELABETE...Aorist you received [them] (past tense?)
ESTAI...future they will be granted [to you].

The logic puzzles me...if I already had something why would I pray for
it? Or is that simply the point about faith that Jesus is teaching? Or
are there some finer grammar points about the aorist I'm not fully
appreciating in this verse?

Thanks for any comments on this.

Greg Kilbrai
Canadian Theological Seminary
Regina, SK

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