What's people's opinion of this (introdcutory) book?

From: Trevor Jenkins (Trevor.Jenkins@suneidesis.com)
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 15:33:39 EST

Whilst browsing the shelves of my local Christian bookshop I noticed an
introductory text on New Testament Greek that I had not known about and
that I do not think has been mentioned here.

The book in question is:

Discovering New Testament Greek by Ian MacNair and was published by Harper
Collins in 1993.

I must declare a bias towards this book as MacNair was the associate
minister of a church where contemporaneously I was the treasurer. From the
quick look I had it seems to be more accessable than Wenham, which is the
book I've been trying to teach myself from for many years.

So does anyone have an opinion of his method and the book in general?

Regards, Trevor


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