RE: searching for Colwell [constructions] in Bibleworks

From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 17:02:37 EST

Steven Michaels replied:
However, I did try the search in BibleWorks ('*@&n-n?-?& EIMI@&v???--??&
*@&dn??& *@&n-n?-?& if you need the search argument) and did come up with a
quite a list. Much of it was invalid. It's a computer problem--they will
recognize patterns, but don't know grammar. They know a noun when they see
one (someone told it, but couldn't pick out an anarthrous noun to save your

Dear Steven,

It isn't perfect, but you can arrive at a fairly tight list of Colwell
constructions with the following Bibleworks command. The English language
version of the command is: Give me all instances of a singular nominative
noun that does not have a definite article preceeding it within three words,
and is followed by any form of EIMI within three words, and then a singular
number nominative definite article following EIMI within three words,
followed by a noun agreeing with the definite article in case, gender and

;!*@dn?s *3 *@nn?s* *3 EIMI@* *3 *@dn?s *3 *@nn?s* =gnc

; = the order of the search terms are important
! = not
dn?s = nominative singular definite article
nn?s = nominative singular noun
=gnc = must agree with the previous search term in gender, number and case

Of course, these are nouns only. Be sure to do another search to include
adjectives masquerading as nouns "One of you is [a] DIABOLOS" (John 6:70).
Also, be sure to search for where the subject noun is a pronoun "YOU are (a)

Thomas said:
searching for a phrase in which the first word is used later in the phrase.
As a
result searching for a phrase of the type notword item1 verb word item2
cannot be
done. I
would however have thought that the search I used


your "search a word that is used earlier in a phrase" problem is solved with
the Bibleworks syntax of the #1, #2, etc terms. So,
;#1@n* *2 kai *2 #1@n* means "all verses with kai preceded and followed by
the same noun root within 5 words of each other in the same phrase"

Wes Williams
(Bibleworks Beta Tester)

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