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From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 19:00:42 EST

Trevor and Other B-Greekers:

Thanks, Trevor and others, for your kind help.
Is it possible that the marginal note in the below-cited AD 616 Syriac
version was only an observation by the translator that the quote was
probably drawn from Zechariah, rather than Jeremiah, rather than
indicating that he had some Greek support for the reading?

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998 07:01:40 EST (Trevor M Peterson)
>On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 20:49:03 -0500 (Theodore H. Mann)
>>I understand that the name Zechariah appears in some early
>>manuscripts, rather than Jeremiah, in Matt.27:9. Which manuscripts
>>include Zechariah's name? Many thanks.
>22, which is a 12th c. minuscule of the Gospels. An 11th c.
>lectionary (858) has it in one out of two occurences of the verse.
>Harkel's Syriac version (AD 616) includes it in a marginal note, which
>indicates that he knew of some Greek support for the reading. Three
>Latin commentaries include the reading (in the commentary portion, but
>not in the lemma: Origen, Jerome, and Augustine. Origen is 3rd c.,
>but the fact that it's in the Latin translation of his work makes the
>textual history more interesting. Both Jerome and Augustine were 5th
>c. It might be worth mentioning that there is one minuscule (21), as
>well as an 8th c. Old Latin manuscript, that reads as Isaiah instead.
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Best in Christ,
Theodore "Ted" H. Mann

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