Re: Searchng for an agenda-neutral Bible

From: Joseph A. Weaks (
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 15:02:05 EST

>I am not trying to start a thread on this topic. ....hehe
>...two men have caved in to political pressure on the issue of bible

     One issue, specifically, is the rendering of Masculine Singular
Personal Pronouns, present and elided. This issue makes it clear that
translation theory presupposes theological viewpoint. Indeed, translation
*is* interpretation, so I need help understanding how there can be an
"agenda-neutral Bible." As a pastor, who always wants a good, contemporary
translation for use in the pastorate, I spend great time in contemplating
translation theory.
     The simple fact is that the "generic he" is archaic in contemporary
English. It is no longer generic. Now, one can sit by and lament this
fact, and long for a translation using American English of the 50's, but
that is not contemporary translation theory. It is the same as my
parishioners sitting back, lamenting the fact that the word "Damn" is
commonplace on TV. They do have the option of watching Lawrence Welk on
     I find curious the suggestion by Poythress that 1st century writers
used the generic pronoun "he" as "male example to express a general truth",
and would like to hear more about it. Rather, isn't the substance of
revelation contained in the Word of God, unrelated to the (contextual,
worldly, hence even sinful) human language to which we are unfortunately
     And Clayton, as you are "sick and tired of this issue," my prayer is
that you, instead of responding to my inquiry, go treat yourself to some
ice cream. But I welcome any others.
     Carl, et. al., I really see this as a translation theory question,
simply (and calmly) stated, but if you deem it inappropriate fuel for a
theoogical/ideological discussion, I apologize and retract all rights to
exist granted to me by my Creator.

Joseph A. Weaks
Minister of the Word
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Spearman, TX
"Let unity be our polar star." -GMP KT

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