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Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 09:03:34 EST

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<< Again, we need not assume that the Bible itself is agenda-neutral (that
 seems rather silly, once one thinks about it!) >>

Is the thread "agenda neutral" (which I agree does sound silly when you think
about it) or "gender neutral" (of which I'm less sure)? To me, being from New
Jersey, they sound kinda the same. It seems to me (a very little greek) that
if the translator believes that the author meant men-the-folks and not men-
the-guys then s/he should find some way of conveying that fact in a way that
prevents men-the-guys from assuming (or choosing to assume) that they are the
only ones meant. Personally, I wish there were some elegant way of avoiding
the men-the-normative construction which doesn't mess up singular and plurals
but there doesn't seem to be.

Now this is getting far from a discussion of Greek, so I'll stop before you
have to stop me.


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