Re: Searching an agenda-neutral Bible

Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 11:45:23 EST

<< Does it matter if "humankind" is used rather than "mankind"? If
 someone is offended by the phrase "he who ...." but is not offended by the
 term "the one who....", I know which term I will want to employ. But the
 problem is we do not know who will be offendered or not. Therefore, I try
 to use genda inclusive language all the time.

The gender inclusive style of translation says less about the text than about
the translator, less about what the author is communicating, and more about
the translator's wants and needs, and imposes a modern au courant style into a
text which ought to seek to be transparent. It is probably true that to the
original author the denotation of a simple verb is more important that the
modern connotation of it number and gender.

Tony Prost
All Nonnos All Day

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