From: Jon R. Venema (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 11:26:37 EST

To: "Mark & Mary Markham" <>

As you work through grammar and text on the Aorist,
I would commend to you the following essay:

Stagg, Frank. "The Abused Aorist." Journal of Biblical
Literature, 91.2 (June, 1972), 222-231.

It remains a worthwhile read (25 years and current discussion
of the aorist confirm this). In the same category, you would
benefit from this article of the same period:

McKay, K. L. "Syntax in Exegesis." Tyndale Bulletin, 22
(1971), 39-57.

Given your questions, I believe both would help you.

Jon R. Venema
Western Seminary

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