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From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 14:38:25 EST

Actually, I thought the aorist was "indefinite," meaning that it "states
only the fact of the action without specifying its duration" (Mounce:

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann

>At 7:47 AM -0500 11/23/98, Paul F. Evans wrote:
>> List,
>> Help me out here. I am really afraid to ask this question for fear
>> striking up a re-ignition of the great aspect discussion of '96!
>> However, I am interested in an opinion.
>> In taking basic first year Greek I was told that the aorist was a
>> punctilliar (spelled correctly?) tense signifying past action
>> in the past. However, after many years of NT study (I should know
>> I have come across many grammars that bill the aorist as the generic
>> tense which says nothing particular about the action it describes.
>> theory seems to be that if the writer wished to say something
>> about the action of a verb he would choose a tense other than the
>> Obviously I have discovered that the aorist is only a past tense in
>> indicative or imperative moods. If the aorist is a a punctilliar
>> describing past completed action, it would be little different from
>> prefect, because obviously done is done and the results would
>> My question is whether the aorist is a sort of generic tense which
>> describes nothing special about the action of the verb, and whether
>it is
>> true that a writer would choose another tense when he wanted to
>> something specific in that sense.
>> If this is a dumb question forgive me! Only, I come across a
>> significant body of literature that makes much about the use of the
>> aorist for its theology and others who discount such (I am
>> only in discussing the nature of the aorist here).

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