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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 09:00:52 EST

<x-flowed>At 9:11 PM +0000 11/22/98, John M. Tait wrote:
> I've come across several instances where I wonder about the TNTs approach.
> One is their treatment of the phrase MARTURIA IHSOU and related phrases. In
> Revelations in particular they usually translate this as "the testimony
> borne by Jesus" or similar - in 12:17 "given by Jesus" - except in 20:4
> where they have "because they had witnessed _to_ Jesus". The NIV usually
> just has "testimony of Jesus" or similar, and not even the NWT uses such
> unequivocal translations, in spite of the fact that the "borne by Jesus"
interpretation would serve their theology.

Whether or not it was intentional or intended to be disparaging, some might
feel that the last sentence's reference to what might be called a potential
"theology-driven" translation is unfortunate. Unless I have misunderstood
this sentence, however, it appears to me to say that there is no
"theology-driven" translation in the version in question. What is offensive
in the above formulation is the "not even" formulation and its implicit
imputation of theological distortion.

Will posters please take pains to avoid comments that refer to sectarian
theological perspectives or faith-commitments in a manner that goes beyond
statement of the facts (taking into account that it really IS possible to
state facts without expressing a bias--or so I do believe!).
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