Re: A syntactical database of the NT

From: Martin Gallagher (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 13:58:14 EST

Randy LEEDY <> wrote:
> I can see the value of trying to work within a standard tagging scheme
> if possible. However, though I know nothing about the schemes you're
> talking about, I wonder if you're trying to pour new wine into old
> wineskins. If the existing schemes don't allow for essential features
> such as tagging alternative syntactical connections, then it looks to
> me as if they simply won't work. Is the value of using a standard
> scheme really such that it would be unwise to custom design something
> new for precisely the purpose at hand? I really think that what I have
> in mind should be doable for the NT within a few years' time, even
> starting from scratch, if the resources can be lined up for it
> (there's the rub, no doubt).

In my experience it is best in a project like this one to chuck the
data format or tagging specification entirely and focus on the
defining the extent of information that is to be collected. The data
format can be easily changed later after all of the data has been

The most important factor that must be considered at this point in the
data collection stage is to ensure that those who are collecting the
information are able to easily record it.

Transforming the data into another format is quite simple and would
take only a short amount of time after the data has been collected.

I take more of a corporate approach to this sort of project, rather
than an academic one. If you would like to discuss this, or do some
sample chapters, we should communicate off-list.

Martin Gallagher
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