Re: A syntactical database of the NT

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 11:06:23 EST

Hi B-Greekers following the syntactical database thread!

If the make-up for a syntactical tagging database can be agreed on, how
about an Internet Web Page, containing a form to be completed by
potential contributors which contains all the necessary fields to be
completed etc. e.g. labelling by ref and word no in vs, checkboxes for
tags etc.

Access could be controlled via password so that only people familiar
with the project could contribute. I'm sure some web/database program
could be written to monitor contributions so that once a vs or smaller
unit has been done contributions are not duplicated - the same program
could show updates on the web-site and e-mail contributors with details
of work done & needed to be done. In this way, work could easily be
spread amongst many people in a quick and easy fashion - many hands
could make light work. Of course some kind of overall
editorship/monitoring would be needed to verify contributions are
correct. The system could be set up so that contributors in the first
instance are asked to 'proof read' their work and then to proof read the
work of other contributors.

I think you'll be getting the idea of what I'm suggesting so I'll sign
off here.

Jonathan Ryder

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