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From: John M. Tait (
Date: Tue Dec 08 1998 - 18:01:55 EST

In reply to my:

>>Generally I find that sensible judgements can be made on the basis of a
>>working knowledge of Greek - in Mark, for example, with the help of C.E.B.
>>Cranfield and V. Taylor. Most of the difficulties are concerned with
>>transferring the meaning into living idiom in the target language.

Don Wildins wrote:
>I would {snip} challenge the statement that
>one can make sensible judgments with the resources described above. In point
>of fact no commentary or word study however good (Cranfield is certainly
>acceptable, Taylor's work has questionable value) addresses every problem a
>translator encounters, and the problems that are addressed are resolved,
>after all, as a matter of commentary and not as a matter of the "right
>answer" (with the possible exceptions of solutions where the arguments are
>irrefutable). There are, moreover, times when a translator with the best
>available library must make translation decisions with a great deal of fear
>and trembling, even when s/he is content in having a thorough understanding
>of the issues involved. A good translator also has to evaluate problems in
>textual criticism, and for that Metzger's textual commentary is
>indispensable but hardly adequate in every detail. Indeed, in that area GNT
>comes up woefully short (someone I heard or something I read described it as
>a "missionary's text," as though missionaries were too ill-prepared or their
>target group was not important enough to merit concern with TC), N/A is
>barely adequate, and one would wish that Swanson could hurry up and finish
>the entire NT Greek Manuscripts series. The situation in the OT is even more

It would be useful to hear from Don - or from anyone else, particularly if
they are involved in translation - what resources they would consider
essential for the translation of the NT.

John M. Tait.

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