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From: Jon R. Venema (Grammata@compuserve.com)
Date: Tue Dec 29 1998 - 11:18:28 EST

Thikka@aol.com wrote:
> Dear B-Greekers,
> I am attempting to learn Biblical Greek and finding that my
> of English grammar isn't entirely up to the task. Most of the authors who
> write books about NT Greek do a fabulous job of describing grammatical
> terminology, but I would like to study English grammar more thoroughly so
> I won't have to wait until I learn Greek
> before truely comprehending English grammar. Yet, many of the authors who
> write tomes about English grammar are either too complicated-like the
work by
> Huddleston which I have looked at-or so easy that I half expect to hear
> voice of Mr. Rogers intoning, " Can you say, " noun" ? Moreover, some
> will throw around terms like "kernal clause" and "finite clause" while
> authors never seem to mention these two concepts but, instead, use
> which is different in its own odd way. In brief, is there a grammar which
> consistent enough in its description of terms and concepts that, as I
begin my
> study of Greek, it will help rather than hinder me in my pursuit of
> proficiency in understanding Greek and English.


Although this suggestion does not offer an English grammar, may I suggest
locate a copy of Nunn, H. P. V. A Short Syntax of New Testament Greek.
5th ed.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1938, paperback 1975, as a
to your English texts.

The first 24 pages are devoted to English grammar with a glossary. It is a
text which you
could later grow into and would be well worth the purchase price beyond the
explanation of English grammar.

Jon R. Venema
Western Seminary

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