SPIonic Return

From: Chun Pong Man (lazybong@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 22:04:34 EST

>On 01/18/99 00:23:01 you wrote:
>>For one more thing, anyone using the font of SPIonic? When I use it,
>>breaks a word into 2 parts when I am going to the next line, even the
>>word should not be breaken there. Any solution?
>It's not just SPIonic. Unless Windows has a Greek dictionary [so it
recognizes the text chains as
>words], it will truncate willy-nilly at the end of a line.
>If you figure out how to fix this, let me know...
>Jane Harper
>Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
Hi, I tried it again, and found the solution.
In Win Word, copy a space in SPIonic(use ctrl+c), and then choose
Edit->Replace from menu, paste the SPIonic space into the target(use
ctrl+v) field, press "More",
press "format"(or something like that, my Win Word is Chinese version),
"font", in the font field, choose "SPIonic", and then OK.

In the "Replace to" filed, press the space bar, and press "More",
"Format", "Font", in the font field, choose "Times New Romans", or any
font but "SPIonic", press OK.

Press "Replace all", and it will change all SPIonic spaces into Romans
spaces, and the carrage return should be normal.


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