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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 08:59:19 EST

Important for Pauline soteriology is the debate about the genitive Christou
with pistis in constructions such as Rom 3.22 and Gal 2.16. Richard B. Hays
is the leading proponent of the subjective genitive, i.e., "the
faith/fulness of Christ" (see, e.g., "PISTIS and Pauline Christology: What
Is at Stake?" SBL 1991 Seminar Papers, ed. David J. Lull [Atlanta: Scholars
Press, 1991]). Arguing for the traditional objective genitive is James D.
G. Dunn, e.g., "The Justice of God. A Renewed Perspective on Justification
by Faith," JBL 43 (1992): 1-22; "Once More, PISTIS CHRISTOU," SBL 1991
Seminar Papers, ed. David J. Lull (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1991), 730-44.
I believe that all NT doctoral students should be familiar with this debate
and its grammatical and syntactical contours. A fuller bibliography is
available upon request.

Among those making arguments about the subjective and objective genitive
Barr, James. The Semantics of Biblical Language. London: Oxford
University Press, 1961. 161-205.
Campbell, Douglas A. "Appendix 2: The Objective Genitive Reading of pistis
Iesou Christou." In The Rhetoric of Righteousness in Rom 3:21-26.
Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1992. 214-18.
idem, "The Meaning of Pistis and Nomos in Paul: A Linguistic and Structural
Perspective." JBL 111 (1992): 91-103.
Williams, Sam K. "Again Pistis Christou." CBQ 49.3 (1987): 431-47.


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