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 Does anyone have any recommendations
>re: what good classical Greek grammatical tools/learning aids (both
>accidence and syntax) I should look at? Is there anything out there
>that is designed for those who have been exposed to koine but not
>classical Greek?
My recommendation -- which will not meet your second requirement above --
is to use the Joint Association of Classical Teachers [ Cambridge, England
] "Reading Greek"

This comes in two paperback volumes:
Reading Greek: which is a collection of texts, very simplified to begin
with, getting nearer to the originals as you progress
Reading Greek : Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises

If you are working on your own, then a supplementary volume,
An Independent Study Guide to Reading Greek (The Joint
                 Association of Classical Teachers' Greek Course)

will be well worth the money.

Use "reading greek" in the search box of
to get all the details

There is an additional volume, also from the JACT, called:
World of Athens : An Introduction to Classical Athenian
Culture in which there is a supplementary index, keyed to the readings in
the JACT series -- working your way through the readings, you can cross
reference very quickly and easily to the authors, the evenrts, the
situations occuring in the text.

The JACT have their own web-site at:

Hope this is of use

Maurice A. O'Sullivan
[ Bray, Ireland ]

Confucius said: "To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study
is dangerous."
Analects 2:15

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