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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 08:38:14 EST

Jrg Buchegger wrote:
> This is Juerg with another "international reader" question, this time for
> Jeffrey:
> J.B.Gibson wrote:
> >For a variety of reasons, I have temporarily returned to work on
> certain LP questions...
> What again are "LP questions"? Perhaps I missed something here, but I really
> can't recall any plausible explanation for LP.
> Thank you for enlightening me on that.


LP is the shorthand designation I began to use some time ago here on
B-Greek to signify the "Lord's Prayer". If you check the archives (as
well as those over on Synoptic-L and Crosstalk), you'll see a whole raft
of postings on questions on the meaning of phrases and terminology
within the prayer -- as well as others referring to the prayer as the



P.S. Any comments on the questions I raised in the posting from which
you took the quote above?

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