(Another) Bible Version Question

From: Carlton Winbery (winberyc@popalex1.linknet.net)
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 09:54:07 EST

>Concerning the question forwarded by Mark Goodacre about an English version
>of the Bible:

>Just how many English versions are there? Is an exhaustive list available?


>(P.S. In an effort to answer this question myself, I did a web-search.
>This wasn't much help. For example, an AltaVista search for ((bible) and
>(english) and (versions)) returned a list beginning with [and as Dave Barry
>says, I'm not making this up]:
> 1] U - V Page Fighting Females Catalog [...]
> 2] Linux quotes [...]
>OTOH, while not the answer I was looking for, the search did turn up one
>useful result:
> Bible Study Tools
> URL: www.kencollins.com/bible-lu.htm
>There appear to be other useful information on the site but, in particular,
>this page contains 10 or so English translations in a searchable format. --N)

The source I use regularly is:
A.S. Herbert. Historical Catalogue of Printed Bibles, English
1525-1961. American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible

The first listed printed & published Bible is Tyndale's 1925 NT. There is
an introductory chapter on English Bibles before Tyndale. The last entry is
the 1961 New Enblish Bible NT. There must be thousands listed in between
the two with more extensive descriptions for first editions, but every
printing listed up to 1640 and every separate edition to 1870 and then just
major editions. The info from the title pages is given for every printing
or edition given. It is a massive tome, but quite useful for the history
of the English Bible.

Carlton L. Winbery
Fogleman Professor of Religion
Louisiana College
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