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Thanks for the clarification about Acordance. I have cut and pasted your
original post and it is included below.

I am not subscribed to b-greek so I cannot post it there. I look at the
archives once and a while and respond to a post now and then in private.

Thanks again.


******your original response*****


I hope I'm addressing your question/statement.

Though I've no training in discourse analysis, it's my guess most of the
in Mark (miracle stories with "immediate" results would be conspicuous
exceptions) it is true that KAI EUQUS is unmarked (no pun intended?),
especially compared to Matt, Lk/Acts, and John, where the phrase bears
semantic force. The phrase occurs far more frequently in Mark (29x)
than in
Matt (10x), Lk/Acts (10x), or John (5x), and virtually always at the
of a sentence. This indicates to me that Mark uses it more to carry the
discourse than to convey information about the actions of the several
sentences. I would certainly try to interpret the phrase coherently in
of its occurences ("suddenly...," "immediately...," "as soon as...), but
impact on the narrative is its cumulative force.

I want to be cautious in stating this, since I haven't made any sort of
of the issue beyond being familiar with the Greek Gospels and doing a
Accordance search.

>>1) It is characteristic of Mark's style to begin sentences with KAI
 Many times he seems to mean nothing more than to convey a sense of
motion (and
 perhaps urgency?)<<


I would assume that this means that Mark's use of KAI EUQUS is
semantically unmarked but in Matt., Luke, John or Acts this phrase (Luke
6:49, Acts 10:16) would be marked. <

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