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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Feb 06 1999 - 14:43:26 EST

At 05:47 PM 2/6/99 +0000, John M. Tait wrote:
>Any comments on these translations of phrases from Mark Ch 1?
>A) v. 10
>1. And, immediately rising from the water, he saw...
>2. And immediately, rising from the water, he saw...

I notice some assumptions in the way I read this that others may want to
comment on, because I don't know them to be grammaticla rules. I would
render the adverb with the main verb - "immediately ... saw", rather than
"immediately rising". To me, the indicative main verb carries time, and the
participle does not, so an adverb of time must be related to the indicative
main verb.

>B) v. 32
>1. After sunset
>2. At sunset
Is this Textus Receptus? My UBS 3rd reads hOTE EDU hO hHLIOS. I am thinking
of both forms as Aorist, though I'm a little uncertain of the formation of
this verb (yes, this is a plea for help with the morphology of DUNW!).

Assuming an Aorist, I would say that the sun has set at the time of the
event, because with the Aorist, the endpoint is in view.

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