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Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 08:58:16 EST

>At 10:42 PM 2/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Are there Greek numerals equivalent to Roman numerals and Arabic Numerals?
>>What are they?
>a' = 1
>b'= 2
>g' = 3
>d'= 4,
>etc. I.e., each letter, followed by a line as above signifies a number.
>When the digits double, so do the letters--- ab', ag', etc.... ad inifinitum.
I would add to what Jim has given you by mentioning that the number six is
represented by the archaic letter stigma which is no longer part of the
Greek alphabet during the Helenistic period. So the iota stigma would be
the short way of writing DEKAEX. Likewise the number ninety (ENENHKONTA) is
represented by the archaic koppa and the number 900 (ENAKOSIOI) by the
archaic letter sampi.

Hence the first ten numbers would be A' B' C D E S Z H Q I

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