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<I guess my request was not clear since I've now received lists from
that are not related to grammar and syntax issues. (Other NT areas are
certainly useful, but my focus just now is not in those areas.) I'm not
looking for reference books that one should own or use, but books or key
articles about grammar and syntax (or the Greek language in general) that
one should have read to understand the issues involved. Perhaps something
like the Porter/Carson vol. in JSNTSupp series, *Bib. Gk. Language and
Linguistics* (which is an important discussion of the modern aspect
debate), or perhaps "classic" journal articles such as Colwell's 1933
article in JBL or Stagg's more recent JBL article on the aorist.

And yes, my choice of "penultimate importance" was poorly choosen; I'm not
looking for "second rank" articles, but the best ones.


Some I have found especially useful:

K. L. McKay, A New Syntax of the Verb in NT Greek: An Aspectual Approach.
D. A. Black, ed. Linguistics and NT Interpretation: Essays on Discourse
D. A. Black, Linguistics for Students of NT Greek.
J. P. Louw, Semantics of NT Greek.
K. L. McKay, "On the Perfect and Other Aspects in NT Greek" NovT 23 (1981)
K. L. McKay, "Aspect in Imperatival Constructions in NT Greek" NoivT 27
(1985) 201-26.
I don't have the biblio info at hand, but F. Stagg's JBL article, "The
Abused Aorist" should certainly be on the list IMHO.

Ray Clendenen
Broadman & Holman

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