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At 8:32 PM -0000 2/2/99, Rodney J. Decker wrote:
>I guess my request was not clear since I've now received lists from several
>that are not related to grammar and syntax issues. (Other NT areas are
>certainly useful, but my focus just now is not in those areas.) I'm not
>looking for reference books that one should own or use, but books or key
>articles about grammar and syntax (or the Greek language in general) that
>one should have read to understand the issues involved. Perhaps something
>like the Porter/Carson vol. in JSNTSupp series, *Bib. Gk. Language and
>Linguistics* (which is an important discussion of the modern aspect
>debate), or perhaps "classic" journal articles such as Colwell's 1933
>article in JBL or Stagg's more recent JBL article on the aorist.
>And yes, my choice of "penultimate importance" was poorly choosen; I'm not
>looking for "second rank" articles, but the best ones.

On the history of the language in the period of the New Testament and the
Early Church, I would recommend chapter four "Greek in the Hellenistic
World", chapter five, "Greek in the Roman Empire", and chapter six "Spoken
Koine in the Roman period" of Geoffrey Horrocks' _Greek: A History of the
Language and its Speakers_ (New York: Longman, 1997), pages 32-70, 71-101,
and 102-127.

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