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From: Byron P. Knutson (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 02:15:06 EST


I have several questions and comments all in this one message rather than
several separate emails.

1. Is it possible that in the question asked yesterday about 1 john 4:3,
that the hOTI in this clause is a recitative hOTI, i.e., that which follows
is a direct quote, more or less?

2. Does anyone know the difference between hAGIOTHS and hAGIWSUNH? Both
are translated as "holiness". Metzger and others say the endings -OTHS
and -SUNH both indicate the abstract idea of quality. I am sure that there
is a distinct difference somewhere. If you can make it simple for me I'd
appreciate it.

3. Regarding the question about DEDIKAIWTAI in Romans 6:7. I have heard,
but can't verify, that this is a judicial/courtroom term equivalent to our
term "acquittal", i.e., The man who has died is acquitted because he is
separated from the sin nature. Is this a possible understanding or not?

Thanks for your considerations,

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