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From: Jonathan Ryder (jpr1001@cam.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 11:30:59 EST

oops meant to send to list (sorry jim)

Jim West wrote:

> Dan-
> The site does indeed calculate various numerical values for Greek, Latin,
> and Hebrew words (assuming one spells them correctly, in latin, greek, or
> hebrew forms). And it does correctly assign numerical values to those letters.
> the immediate comment i would have is- so what? gematria might be a fun
> game- but it is virtually (read totally) meaningless for interpretation of
> greek, latin or hebrew texts.
> there is one place- total- in the bible where a writer uses gemtria- and the
> meaning of that passage is clear enough anyway.

For those of us less familiar with passage (or have forgotten/not made
pray do tell.

> Best,
> Jim


Jonathan Ryder

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