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Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 09:04:27 EST

> At 1:51 AM -0600 2/11/99, Ben Crick wrote:
> >On Wed 11 Feb 98 (00:48:00 +0100), markhamm@topsurf.com wrote:
> >> What! <gasp> WWW is not 666! Ha those hucksters will try anything won't
> >> they? I have been asked this question many times and it amazes me
> >> that so many people have bought into something so bogus. THANK YOU for
> >> checking it out before passing it on and buying into it (to keep this in
> >> the Greek context--this is a loose transaltion of Acts 17:11 <grin>).
> >
> > Actually, WWW in _Hebrew_ is Waw Waw Waw: numerical value 6 6 6.
> >
> > Q.E.D.
> BUT--of course!--in Greek we're using "W" as a transliteration of Omega,
> which hasn't the remotest relationship (other than being a STOICEION
> GRAMMATIKON) to the Hebrew letter Waw.

In doing some "research" for this question I came across this site
that "calculates" the numerical value of letters in Greek, Roman,
and Hebrew.

The interesting thing that I found is that in the Hebrew the letter w
is equal to 6.

But before anybody jumps to conclusions... including myself.. I
was wondering if one of the people in this list that know a great
deal more than I concerning languages.. if they could go to this
web site and "verify" its content.


Thanks for the help.

Pastor Dan Oglesby

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