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>Luke 16:1 "There was a rich man who had an agent,
>DoesnÍt DIEBLHQH suggest false information i.e. slander?
>Hence ñhe was slandered that he was squandering [the rich manÍs]
>Then v2 would mean the owner took it at face value and promptly
>dismissed him without seeing the evidence.

I've usually used the presence of DIASKORPIZWN to make the link between this
parable and that of Luke 15 in which the wayward son is said to have
"DIESKORPISEN" (15:13) his goods. It would seem that the context in 16:1
would lean against reading DIEBLHQH as slander or false information. Albeit
with a slight change of audience indicated in 16:1, no topic shift is
indicated so that 16:1ff would be a continuation of examples to justify Jesus'
acceptance of the "tax collectors and sinners" when they attempt to correct
their past ways.


Bill Warren
Landrum P. Leavell, II, Professor of New Testament and Greek
Director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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