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Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 09:33:35 EST

At 9:42 PM +0800 2/12/99, Steven Cox wrote:
>N. Marinone, All the Greek Verbs. Wakefield, NH: Longwood Academic 1991.
>Hi. Anyone know what this is? A sort of 201 Classical Greek Verbs?

This is a truly celebrated cheat-sheet--or rather booklet--that parses all
the standard forms of just about all Greek verbs (I hesitate ever to say
ALL about anything). For ages it was published only in Italian as _Tutti i
verbi greci_, but bought up by at least half of my friends in grad school
because it provided instant answers to questions such as "What the *)!%% is
this weird verb-form KATEBEBLHATO?" It takes the guess work out of having
to analyze the verb form and figure out that it's a 3d plural pluperfect
middle/passive of KATABALLW. While I could see the utility of it for people
who are really stumped and unable to make an intelligent guess at what the
lexicon form of the verb in question might be, it always seemed to me like
the worst sort of crippling pony that enables one to avoid the more
essential combined lesson of analysis for verb forms through understanding
both the endings and the phonetic changes consequent upon the different
vocalic and consonantal assimilations.

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