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From: Jrg Buchegger (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 02:29:35 EST

Jim wrote on Febr 5
>I have been searching unsuccessfully for Kuehner/Gerth's Ausfuehrliche
Grammatik der griechischen Sprache. Unfortunately, this standard is out
of print to the best of my knowledge, and I also have been unable to find
it used despite searching high and low. Does anyone know whether this has
perhaps been reprinted by any publisher, or know of leads on finding a
used copy?

Dear Jim,
probably somebody already answered this question and I missed it? If not,
here is what I found: Am I right that the Ausfuehrliche Grammatik... is the
title of the multi-Volume Grammar from about the 70's? If so, you can find
the following at :
Kuehner, Raphael; Blass Friedrich, Elementar- und Formenlehre, =part 1 in 2
vol, 1978 [= Kuehner, Raphael; Holzweissig, Friedrich, Elementar-, Formen-
und Wortlehre, 1994?]
Kuehner, Raphael; Gerth, Bernhard, Satzlehre, part 2 in 2 vol., 1992 [is
that the same as Kuehner, Raphael; Stegmann, Carl, Satzlehre, 2 vol,
Does that help?
Juerg Buchegger

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