Questions about GEENNA

From: James Jackson (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 14:27:40 EST

As a minuscule Greek studying on my own, I have a couple of questions
concerning the word : GEENNA

  Let me preface my questions by stating that I do not have BAGD (yet I
hope) or Louw-Nida. So any help I receive concerning these questions would
be appreciated.
  It is my understanding that the word GEENNA has some relationship to the
Hebrew word Gehinnom and an Aramaic word with which I am unacquainted with.
  I know that GEENNA is usually translated "hell" as in hellfire. Why is
it thus translated? I have heard that the valley of Gehinnom was an area
used for constantly burning refuse. If this is so, would Greek readers of
the Roman Empire have understood the meaning of this word as relating to
  Lastly, is GEENNA usually transliterated into English as "geHenna"
rather than "geenna" because of its relationship to the Hebrew word GeHinnom?

                        Thank you for your help,
                        James Jackson

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