Re: Breathing in Gen 2:7, John 20:22

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 16:23:19 EST

At 4:01 PM -0500 2/14/99, David Miller wrote:
>Of less exegetical significance, I am simply wondering why the root
>EMFUSAW has changed to ENEFUS- in the aorist indicative. Why does the
>mu change to a nu, and where can I go to find answers to this type of

This is a MUCH easier question: The two root elements in the verb are EN
and FUSA; in the present tense form the N assimilates to the F (PH) just as
Latin IN- assimilates to the root PORTA in the Latin source of our English
verb "import"--IMPORTARE: the N becomes an M; however, in those forms of
the verb where an Augment (E before a consonant) must enter in between the
prefix and the verbal stem, the original N of EN will appear because
there's no assimilation any more, hence: EN-E-FUS. Okay?

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