GINOMAI in John 15:8 and James 1:22

From: Mark D. Taylor (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 14:47:32 EST

In John 15:8, GENHSQE is translated by the New American Standard as "prove
to be" My disciples. I was surprised to see this, since the basic meaining
of GINOMAI is "become" or "happen" or change of condition.

Is there justification for using the word "prove" or is perhaps a different
English meaning intended for "prove"?

I also noticed that while Nestle's has GENHSQE (aorist subjunctive), the
Textus Receptus has GENHSESQE (future), but that doesn't really seem to
make much difference here.

Also in James 1:22, GINESQE is translated by the NASB as "prove
yourselves", when a lterial translation would be "keep on becoming".

In both of these verses, the different meanings have significant

Thanks in advance,

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