Re: Mark 6:25 translation questioned

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 08:41:06 EST

At 7:58 AM -0600 2/16/99, Jay Adkins wrote:
>In Mark 6:25 the term SPOUDH'" is translated by terms similar to ╬haste' in
>every translation I checked. Why is it not possible to translate "Again
>she enter in a rush with eagerness" as this would also seem to fit context.
> Arndt & Gingrich list this possibility as their #2 use, and even note that
>" META SPOUDH" diligently, attentivel (Polyb. 1, 27, 9;..."
>Thank you for helping a newbe to Greek.

I wouldn't argue against "with eagerness" here, but I don't think it would
make a great deal of difference in the context; "haste" does seem
implicitly underscored by the EUQUS immediately preceding META SPOUDHS as
well as by the EXAUTHS ("at once") in the girl's directly quoted request to
Herod. Originally the words SPOUDH, SPOUDAIOS, SPOUDAZW carried the sense
of "intensity/urgency"--and they can be shaded toward either speedy bodily
movement or intense mental commitment ("zeal").

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