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> While I'm at it: does anyone have any thoughts on the strange
> DEUTEROPRWTW reading in Lk 6:1 besides the suggestion of Skeat?

 Dear Rick,

 There's been a recent thread on this; see the archives. Strack-Billerbeck
 say that it indicates "a Sabbath which comes second in a series of
 Sabbaths, the numbering of which begins with the first Sabbath....
 "The situation of Luke 6:1, the time when the corn was ripe, requires
 us to think of a series of Sabbaths which lay in the neighbourhood of
 the Passover. At this time the days and weeks were numbered, according
 to Leviticus 23:15f., and so were the Sabbaths between Easter and
 Whitsuntide. So the 'second-first' Sabbath would mean the second Sabbath
 after the 15th Nisan, the 'first Sabbath' being that which fell in
 Passover Week itself. The numbering of the days between Easter and
 Whitsuntide [sic] began on the evening of the 15th Nisan with the
 commencement of the 16th Nisan" (Strack und Billerbeck, /Das Evangelium
 nach Lukas/, Mu"nchen, 1924, E.T., ad loc).


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