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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 13:19:51 EST

At 12:13 PM -0500 2/17/99, Mary L B Pendergraft wrote:
>Additional thoughts:
>with TI POIHSANTAS..... Clement appears to echo the question of Lk 18.18
>he has made the participles plural and has replaced verb with a similar

Yes; and I think it's worth noting that there are several Greek idiomatic
expressions using participles this way--and that with each of them, we tend
to find the more natural English by turning the participial phrase into the
main clause in the English equivalent:

TI BOULOMENOS TAUTA POIEIS? "Why do you want to do this?" (lit. "You are
doing these things because you want what?")

TI PAQWN TAUTA POIEIS? "What made you do this?" (lit. "because you
suffered what/had what experience are you doing this?")

TO POIWN DIAFQEIRW TOUS NEOUS? (Socrates in Plato's Apology): "What am I
doing to corrupt the youth?"--"Doing what am I corrupting ...?"

>Now I have to think about Sophocles before my 1:00 class.

And Sophocles is a very good thing to think about too; I had a wonderful
Greek class last spring doing the Oedipus Rex.

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