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From: Christopher Hutson (
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 14:35:34 EST


You might take a look at Balme & Lawall, _Athenaze: An Introduction
to Classical Greek_ (Oxford University Press, 1990). Yes, it is
classical, but I count that as an advantage. The reason I call it to
you attention is that Balme teaches at Harrow School in England, and
the original book was tested and developed in a number of high schools
as well as colleges. It uses an inductive approach, which you may
wish to supplement with handouts. It doubles as a nice introduction
to classical Athenian culture. And most of the vocabulary is useful
for NT readers, assuming some or most of your students will have that

Welcome to the neighborhood,


Christopher R. Hutson
          Hood Theological Seminary
          Salisbury, NC 28144

>From: Allison Sanders <>
>It was recommended to me that
>I speak with the administrator of a certain christian school in the
>and see if thye may be interested in starting a Beginner Greek
elective in
>the high school. My question is: how do you start teaching Greek
>that? Can any of you recommend the best way for me to even approach
>Greek is good enought o teach a beginner's class to high schoolers,
but I
>want to do a really doo job of it, if this is really something I will
>to do. Are there any particular books that are good for this age

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