Re: Paul's knowledge of latin

From: Jrg Buchegger (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 01:27:03 EST

This is Juerg again,
I'm still working on the pauline neologism ANAKAINWSIS etc. and my question
is referring to an earlier post by Conrad in which he suggested that the
word could have been coined after the latin 'renovare'. Now I wonder
- how much latin did a man like Paul probably know?
- in his biography (education, locations, every day life etc.), where would
have been the necessary places and times etc. to get to know enough latin
for Paul, so he would have creativily thought of renovare when introducing
Has anybody thought, read or written about Paul's possible knowledge of
latin? During my theological studies, my teachers never taught me something
in this direction...
Any hints? Thanks a lot!
Juerg Buchegger

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