Re: UBS4 vs NA27 vs UBS3

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 08:17:05 EST

Speaking as an "intermediate" Greek who had long used UBS 3 (and then 4,
despite the horrid font), it is worth taking the time to read the
directions of the NA27 apparatus. Understanding it opens you up to the
history of the text's transmission, while the purpose of the UBS apparatus
is to focus on the variants that most significantly impact translation.
It's a rough go at first, but it is effort richly repaid.

Also, in light of the UBS apparatus and the decisions made by the committee
- having Metzger's Textual Commentary handy would help enlighten you on the
principles of textual criticism that informed their decisions.


Ed Gorham

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