Re: UBS4 vs NA27 vs UBS3

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Sun Feb 21 1999 - 00:31:28 EST

With all the complaints about the UBS4 font (versus UBS3 - I guess I'm one
of the few that doesn't think it's that much worse, though I did like the
"bold"-ness of the UBS3 font), has a concerted effort been made (e.g.,
e-mail or letter campaign) to ABS/UBS to fix the font in the next edition
of UBS?

I understand that they couldn't keep the UBS3 font in UBS4 because those
were lead printing plates, not a computer font, but if UBS4 is a computer
font (which I assume it is), it should be relatively simple, I would think,
for someone to reprogram something so it substitutes a thicker, bolder,
more vertical font like UBS3 - or perhaps even design a font that looks
like the UBS3 font and use that.

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