Re: UBS4 vs NA27 vs UBS3

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 10:26:12 EST

>Colleagues, and Steven Cox in China:
>The bi-lingual (Greek-Latin) edition Steven likes is indeed attractive;
>I own two copies of it myself, one at school and one at home.
>But it is not NA27; rather, it is NA26. (I thought as much, and when
>I checked the ISBN number, I found that it is indeed NA26.)
>Now, if Amazon truly sells it for $22.99, it should be grabbed up,
>bought in quantity, with copies placed at every location one might be
>caught in without a GNT (like each bathroom). The price is unbelievably
>Edward Hobbs
>---------Steven Cox wrote---------->>>>>>>>>

I look forward to seeing Edward's NTG collection. I wish I had the space to
keep all such editions. I have a number of different editions, the prize
being the Beza first edition of 1565.

I hope I get to admire your library, Edward, along with that wine cellar,
in November.

Some people on this list without Latin might apprciat e the NA27 with
facing RSV translation, 8th ed., 1994. The aapparatus t o the RSV includes
variant translations from the KJV of 1911, the English Revised Version of
1881, The American Standard edition of 1901, and the Catholic revision of
the RSV (1965).

The use of the RSV rather than the NRSV provides a more literalistic
translation, useful for those who are helped in deciphering the Greek text
by seeing what other translators did.

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