Duval/Guthrie vs. Gordon Fee

From: Jon R. Venema (Grammata@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 12:42:41 EST

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
>I wonder how many of you NT Greek professors have given up using Gordon
>Fee's text for this new book. If you have, why did you? And if you
>reviewed Duval/Guthrie and decided to stay with Gordon Fee, what were
>your reasons?


I am using Duval/Guthrie in the syntax focus of our curriculum because I
think it blends nicely with Mounce's _Graded Reader_ which I also am using
in the classroom. I do think that Duval/Guthrie ought to be conflated with
Mounce's _Reader_ and have suggested such to Zondervan. I have tied both
"workbooks" to lab assignments for lab teams (collaborative student work
outside of class). I have used the two books this year for the sake of
providing the students with individual and group aids to reading a "graded"
selection of NT texts. Duval/Guthrie mirror the graded NT selections in

I still use and advocate my own system of "grammatical" or "syntactical"
diagramming and provide a separate "manual" for that. The diagramming
"instruction" of Duval/Guthrie serves only as an additional approach
(reference). Simple as their "grammatical diagramming" is, I think there
is a more straightforward approach to notation. However, the assignments
for diagramming are "bite size" and very useful for "lab" and "homework"
assignments. I personally appreciate the fact that the diagramming,
syntax, and vocabulary assignments offer a format which the instructor can
utilize with a high degree of freedom and personal choice.

What the two volumes (Mounce and Duval/Guthrie) offer me is an
instructional aid to my primary goal in the syntax course--to have the
students read as widely as possible in the NT and gain a working knowledge
of Greek syntax.

By the way, I still use Fee in the "exegesis" section (3rd term) of our

Jon R. Venema
Western Seminary

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