Re: Teaching yourself Advance Greek

From: Rodney J. Decker (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 07:59:44 EST

I'm not sure if anyone saw the Practice on tv Sunday night (I love
that show) but they had a young guy that was on trial for killing
a neighbor's cat. At first everyone said it was just a cat. But
Helen met the owner and saw how upset she was that she
had lost her best friend and she decided to try and get the
kid sentenced to spend time in jail instead of probation. Even
the judge was saying it's just a cat, until the eyewitness
testified and he heard the closing statement from Helen.
\the kid even knew it was his neighbor's cat when he took it.
He ended up with a year in jail with 9 months suspended but
that means he still had to spend some time thinking about
what he did. I'll tell you what the guy did to the cat, if
you want to know - just scroll down. It's not a pretty picture.

He way driving really fast on the freeway with his friends. The eyewitness
said he saw the kid holding something out of the car, and when he finally
let it go, it splatted on his windshield and it was a cat. The guy was
freaked out because of it. And the poor woman in the court room was
beside herself listening to this. Unfortunately, these things do happen.
How tragic that young kids don't value life, especially defenseless

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