Re: Chiasmus: 1 John 3:9

From: William B. Steidtmann (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 16:03:54 EST

If you haven't seen the "Companion Bible" (Kregel Publications) you should
take a look. This Bible has structural diagrams on almost every page from
Genesis to Revelation. What you are referring to as a helical form is
called "introversion" in this commentary Bible. There are two main
structural forms: introversion and alternation. Each of these two forms
can be woven or embedded within one another in a hierarchial fashion in
multiple levels, much like your computer organizes files inside of folders
inside of yet other folders, etc. The entire Bible is built this way, and
goes way beyond a mere couple of sentences or two. Entire sets of books
form introversions, as do single words. Sometimes the structures extend
across several books. In the end it becomes obvious that the Bible is
either the work of God or a massive 1500 year conspiracy of Biblical ;)

Further work on structures can be seen in the works of Charles H. Welch,
and it seems obvious that he was influenced by the work seen in the
Companion Bible. It is not his main concern however he does take
structural analysis to a higher level than the Companion Bible did.

Both the Companion Bible and the works of Charles H. Welch can be obtained
through the following organization:

William Steidtmann

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