Bryan Rocine's Grammar (was Re: Grammars using Disc Anal (was Re: Student of Guthrie))

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 07:37:10 EST

> Paul Zellmer wrote:
>> Has a teaching grammar employing a discourse analysis approach been
>> developed yet for Biblical Greek? Somehow, in the cobwebs of my
>> memory, I recall a mention of an intermediate or advanced grammar
>> using this approach, but I am most interested in a beginning
>> grammar. It would complement the beginning Hebrew course that I am
>> using very successfully. The grammar for that course, by the way,
>> was written by one of the co-chairs of the b-hebrew list, Bryan
>> Rocine.

Any clues as to title, publisher, where this book can be got from -
can't find it on ...

Jonathan Ryder

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