R. Swanson: "Acts"

From: Wieland Willker (willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de)
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 04:50:38 EST

I would like to make some advertisement for Reuben Swanson's new book
"New Testament Greek Manuscripts - Acts".
It is available at Sheffield Academic Press in England
and at W. Carey International University Press, USA

Together with his four books about the Gospels this book is invaluable. It
has all the important manuscripts in continuous reading (in horizontal lines
collected against Codex Vaticanus).
It is an extraordinary tool, unfortunately underrated and often unknown.

This is what Bruce M. Metzger says in his foreword:
"When one considers that Swanson not only collected and formatted this
material but also produced a finished product ready for printing, one can
appreciate that these volumes represent extraordinary dedication and
attention to minute detail. All who make use of his apparatus of readings
must feel a debt of gratitude to Swanson for having devised such an
innovative and useful tool for the study of the Greek text of the New

Buy these books. You'll get them (almost for free, IMHO) for example at:
BIBAL press
the 4 gospel volumes for $49.95
the book fo Acts for $14.95
See: http://www.cmpu.net/public/bibal/languag.html
(This is just one possibility, which I have accidently discovered on the

The new book about Acts has an appendix of errors in the apparatuses of NA27
and UBS4, which sums up to 381, only for Acts! (265 in NA and 116 in UBS4).
There is plenty of work to be done.
Swanson writes: "Even this writer was astounded beyond measure at the
magnitude of the problem."

Best wishes

"Critically examine everything. Hold on to the good."
(Paul, First Thessalonians 5.21)

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