RE: Latin Phrase

From: Hultberg, Alan D (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 12:18:05 EST

The Marines are semper fidelis. The city of San Diego is semper vigilans.
But the Boy Scouts must simply be prepared.

From: Carl Conrad on Wed, Mar 3, 1999 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: Latin Phrase
To: Biblical Greek

On 03/03/99, ""Prof. A K M Adam" <>" wrote:
> Colleagues,
> I thought SEMPER PARATUS was the Coast Guard motto; the Boy Scouts' "Be
> Prepared" isn't quite the same....

I repent (albeit not in sackcloth nor in ashes); upon reflection, I don't
think that the BSA motto normally appears in Latin form; I stand

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