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From: Mary L B Pendergraft (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 12:52:13 EST

This question has become very interesting, I think. I plead ignorance on
the question of oath-formulae, but I will cite AT Robertson on META in NT,
who says that all ex. of META + acc. are temporal except one that's clearly
spatial; that is, META + acc. always means "after" in space or time.
Granted that 2 Clement isn't NT, this uniformity makes META TON QEON THS
ALHQEIAS all the more suspect.

I am very curious about what we think we know about the author of 2 Clem.,
and specifically whether anyone has looked closely at his Greek, which is
not _bad_ Greek at all, but it's certainly not among the best that's been
preserved for us. My particular question is about interference from a
first language that could motivate a slip like META for KATA; in Latin, for
example, _secundum_ can be both "after" and "according to."
If no one has done such a study, maybe one of you with MA students could
suggest it.


At 12:03 PM 3/5/99 -0500, Randy LEEDY wrote:
>Thanks to Mary and Dale for good posts on META TON QEON THS ALHQEIAS.
>I was really stumped by that one, unsatisfied with Lightfoot's
>translation "after the God of truth hath been heard." I suspected a
>primitive copyist's error or some sort of slip regarding the
>preposition, but I couldn't come up with an attractive alternative.
>KATA in an oath formula does seem to fit admirably. So are we
>conjecturally emending the text or are we charging the author with a
>slip? Or further yet is there the possibility that META can actually
>function this way (any other examples?)? At the moment I'm most
>comfortable with the idea of emendation. Has anyone checked LSJ on
>META to see if an oath formula appears anywhere?
>If there were any other posts on this topic, I missed them; one of my
>digests arrived in corrupted form and I was not able to read it. If
>there were any other posts, especially if anyone suggested an idea
>other than this one, I would much appreciate it if the poster(s) would
>send me a copy so I can benefit from your thoughts on the question.
>In love to God and neighbor,
>Randy Leedy
>Bob Jones University
>Greenville, SC
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